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By Don McLeese

ISBN-10: 1589527305

ISBN-13: 9781589527300

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A. degree in English from the University of Chicago, taught feature writing at the University of Texas and has frequently contributed to the World Book Encyclopedia. He lives with his wife and two daughters in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Html o 31 —————————————————— Index Battle of Little Bighorn 7, 23 birth 8 buffalo 14 Buffalo Bill’s Wild West 27 Crow tribe 13, 17 Custer’s last stand 22 death 27 gold 18-19 Great Spirit 11 Lakota Sioux tribe 5, 28 medicine man 5-7 Strong Hearts 17 About The Author Don McLeese is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines. A. degree in English from the University of Chicago, taught feature writing at the University of Texas and has frequently contributed to the World Book Encyclopedia.

A “gold rush” brings white settlers west to ✺ where the Sioux live. The Sioux tribe defeats General Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn. ✺ Sitting Bull leads people to Canada. ✺ Sitting Bull joins Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. 1890 ✺ Sitting Bull dies. o 29 —————————————————— Glossary buffalo (BUFF uh loh) — a cow-like animal with short horns and shaggy hair on its neck and back cache (KASH) — a hiding place cavalry (KAVV ul ree) — an army group of soldiers riding horses chief (CHEEF) — leader, head of a Native American tribe Great Spirit (GRAYT SPEER ut) — the god of many Native American religions Lakota Sioux (lah KOH tuh SUU) — a tribe of Native Americans, sometimes just called “Sioux” medicine man (MED uh sin MAN) — a holy man with healing powers Native Americans (NAY tiv uh MARE ih cans) — those who lived in the land that is now the United States before explorers from Europe came tribe (TRYB) — one of the bands or nations of Native Americans vision (VIH zhuhn) — something seen in a dream or a trance warrior (WAHR ee ur) — a great fighter in battle o 30 —————————————————— Further Reading Gosda, Randy T.

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