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By R. L. Brown

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Overseas sequence of Monographs in Chemical Engineering, quantity 10: ideas of Powder Mechanics: Essays at the Packing and circulation of Powders and Bulk Solids covers subject matters on packings; effortless statics; size of powder houses; move styles and segregation; and kinematics.

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The yield locus of many powders is linear or nearly so for compression stress. There is sometimes, however, a deviation from linearity at low normal stress. 50 PRINCIPLES OF POWDER MECHANICS The mobilization of friction This can be seen in a Coulomb powder immediately from the Mohr circle diagram, Fig. 7. The dotted lines indicate the region where there may be a departure from linearity of the yield locus of a real as opposed to a Coulomb powder. The yield locus is defined by its slope tan

1 (p. 1, p. 152). Thus the drum experiment measures a dynamic angle suitable for inclusion in flow relations only if the upper and steeper portions of the sliding surface is accepted; where the sand is being brought to rest prior to the change of direction so that it can rotate with the drum the angle can be very low. In considering angles of repose reported in the literature, the method used for measurement must be taken into consideration. A broad picture, however, can reveal the general tendency for cohesion (as reflected in graded powders having particles of small size) to increase the angle of repose, and for departure from sphericity to have a similar effect.

The stresses act on areas proportional to the lengths of the sides of the triangle (see inset in Fig. 4). Since the powder in the triangle is in equilibrium, resolving the stresses in the direction of a gives 3π la = — /sinflier** '(** cos 0—ττ + ϊχγ cos 2π= . ) + /cos ·(-. T — Θ + XyX COS Θ 44 PRINCIPLES OF POWDER MECHANICS whence \{ whence τ = i(c^-o*^) sin 2 0 + i ( r ^ - r ^ ) - | ( r ^ + r ^ ) cos 20.

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