Download e-book for iPad: Task-Space Sensory Feedback Control of Robot Manipulators by Chien Chern Cheah, Xiang Li

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By Chien Chern Cheah, Xiang Li

ISBN-10: 981287061X

ISBN-13: 9789812870612

ISBN-10: 9812870628

ISBN-13: 9789812870629

This e-book provides fresh advances in robotic keep watch over thought on job house sensory suggestions keep an eye on of robotic manipulators. through the use of sensory suggestions info, the robotic keep an eye on platforms are strong to varied uncertainties in modelling and calibration mistakes of the sensors. numerous sensory activity house keep watch over equipment that don't require certain wisdom of both kinematics or dynamics of robots, are awarded. a few precious equipment resembling approximate Jacobian keep an eye on, adaptive Jacobian keep watch over, quarter keep an eye on and a number of activity area local suggestions are incorporated. those formulations and techniques provide robots a excessive measure of flexibleness in facing unexpected alterations and uncertainties in its kinematics and dynamics, which is analogous to human attaining events and gear manipulation. It additionally results in the answer of numerous long-standing difficulties and open matters in robotic regulate, reminiscent of strength keep watch over with constraint uncertainty, keep watch over of multi-fingered robotic hand with doubtful touch issues, singularity factor of Jacobian matrix, international task-space regulate, that are additionally awarded during this booklet. the objective viewers for this e-book comprises scientists, engineers and practitioners desirous about the sector of robotic keep an eye on theory.

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A block diagram of the controller in Eq. 16) is illustrated in Fig. 4. g (q ) q rd Kp Robot dynamics JmT (q) Kv r h (q) Fig. 4 Block diagram of a Cartesian-space setpoint control Jm (q) Forward kinematics q r 26 2 Sensory Task-Space Setpoint Control Fig. 5 Illustration of virtual forces exerted on the end effector In the setpoint controller, a virtual restoring spring force Fs = −Kp r and a damping force Fd = −Kv r˙ are generated in Cartesian space, as illustrated in Fig. 5. The closed-loop equation is obtained by substituting the controller in Eq.

Therefore, continuous. From Eqs. 96), we have x, ˙ from Barbalat’s lemma, s( x) → 0 and x→0 as t→∞, and hence x→0. 4 Sensory-Space Setpoint Control with Joint-Space Damping Note that the controllers described by Eqs. 92) require the task-space ˙ The task-space velocity is obtained from numerical differentiation of velocity x. the task-space position which is usually noisy. In addition, in the case of redundant robot, the convergence of the task-space velocity to zero does not necessary ensure the convergence of the joint-space velocity to zero, even if the Jacobian matrix is nonsingular.

The closed-loop equation of the system is obtained by substituting Eq. 122) into Eq. 9), M(q)q¨ + 1 ˙ 2 M(q) + ˆ 1 (q) x + kv D ˆ 2 (q) x˙ˆ = 0. 125) ˆ 2 (q), and qd is the desired joint configuration ˆ −1 (q) is the inverse matrix of D where D 2 that corresponds to xd . 122) and is defined for analysis only. Similarly, Eq. 126) ˆ −1 (q)M(q)( D ˆ −1 (q))T ]. 125) is either an identity matrix In or Jˆ −1 (q), the matrix D 1 −1 T −1 ( Jˆ (qd )) Jˆ (qd ). Hence it is always symmetric and positive definite if the approximate Jacobian matrix is non singular at the desired position.

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