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Wooten of Gait, who brought the traditional divine approval, and Lt. Forneret, a veteran recuperating from wounds but itching to get back to the Front for another crack at the Bosche. All three speakers made a point of acknowledging the Germanness of North Waterloo, but urged the necessity of rising above remote and threadbare ties in the face of the threat to democracy. G. W. McGarry (Treasurer) to inspire the youth of Berlin. Unfortunately they only managed to inspire one youth between the two of them.

It was more like a convention, where the essential purpose is not so much to exchange useful information as to offer mutual congratulations and moral encouragement. The Berlin Telegraph thought that it was an excellent conference, but devoted as much of its report to the enjoyable luncheon at the Wentworth Arms and the laudatory speeches that followed as to anything else. Resolutions were, of course, passed, and a Provincial Executive of Recruiting Leagues (or PERL as it would have been called today) was formed.

P. for the riding to give clear expression to the worry that still lay like a submerged log in everyone's mind. "It is time," said Weichel, "for a man to be a man, and to be a good Canadian citizen one must be a Britisher. " And so the meeting concluded. Everything was off to a fine start. Indeed, in the preceeding few days 50 men had already enrolled in the 118th, and now that the North Waterloo Recruiting League was fully operational it surely wouldn't take long to fill the battalion. 30 The Battle for Berlin This optimism was given a fillip the following week when it was learnt that Lt.

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