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By Laura Lamps

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Designed as an easy-to-use and complete reference for the working towards pathologist, Diagnostic Pathology: Hepatobiliary and Pancreas is the subsequent hugely expected identify within the Diagnostic Pathology sequence provided through Amirsys. As readers have come to anticipate from this sequence, Diagnostic Pathology: Hepatobiliary and Pancreas is full of more desirable scientific photos, together with gross pictures, photomicrographs, and specified scientific illustrations. As with our different Diagnostic Pathology titles, chapters comprise definitions, terminology, etiologies and pathogenesis, demographics, medical shows, remedy, prognoses, radiologic imaging, pathology, and differential diagnoses. The pathologic beneficial properties are generally particular with descriptions of the macroscopic beneficial properties, microscopic findings, cytopathology (as indicated), and as wanted, ancillary experiences. The latter contain histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, cytogenetics, molecular diagnostics and ultrastructural findings. There also are numerous quick-reference attempt info tables, in addition to necessary introductory chapters, annotated and illustrated staging templates, and chapters on specimen exam dealing with. This good-looking quantity is a veritable one-stop store on your hepatic, biliary, and pancreatic pathology reference wishes.

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Hum Pathol. 23(9):1075-80, 1992 Image Gallery 31 Diagnostic Pathology: Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic (Left) Low power photomicrograph shows parenchymal collapse and regenerative nodules in a case of neonatal hemochromatosis. (Center) Higher power shows submassive hepatocellular necrosis with a rim of residual hepatocytes . (Right) Giant cell transformation of the hepatocytes can be seen in neonatal hemochromatosis. Porphyrin Metabolism Disorders > Table of Contents > Part I - Liver > Section 1 - Inherited, Metabolic, and Developmental Disorders > Porphyrin Metabolism Disorders Porphyrin Metabolism Disorders Joseph Misdraji, MD Key Facts Terminology  Heterogeneous group of inherited and acquired disorders of heme biosynthesis o PCT and EP are associated with hepatic pathology Etiology/Pathogenesis  Sporadic PCT is primarily an acquired disorder o  Precipitating factors include HCV, HFE mutations, alcohol, and drugs EP due to partial deficiency of ferrochelatase activity Clinical Issues  Photosensitivity  Variable liver disease Microscopic Pathology  PCT: Mild to moderate siderosis, steatosis, changes typical of HCV  EP: Cholestasis; red-brown aggregates of protoporphyrin in canaliculi, hepatocytes, Kupffer cells Ancillary Tests   PCT o EM o Polarization microscopy o Ferric ferricyanide stain o Laboratory testing for porphyrins EP 32 Diagnostic Pathology: Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic o EM o Polarization microscopy o Laboratory testing for porphyrins Hematoxylin & eosin section of erythropoietic protoporphyria shows cholestasis and rust-brown deposits hepatocytes and canaliculi.

10(6):549-52, 2008 2. Costa E: Hematologically important mutations: bilirubin UDP-glucuronosyltransferase gene mutations in Gilbert and Crigler-Najjar syndromes. Blood Cells Mol Dis. 36(1):77-80, 2006 3. Hallal H et al: A shortened, 2-hour rifampin test: a useful tool in Gilbert's syndrome. Gastroenterol Hepatol. 29(2):63-5, 2006 4. Erdil A et al: Rifampicin test in the diagnosis of Gilbert's syndrome. Int J Clin Pract. 55(2):81-3, 2001 5. Ishihara T et al: Role of UGT1A1 mutation in fasting hyperbilirubinemia.

Left) Paraffin section of a portal tract in cirrhosis secondary to PFIC3 (MDR3 deficiency) shows bile duct that is absent in this example. There is bile stasis, manifested as pigment in periseptal hepatocytes . (Right) High-power view of PFIC3 (MDR3 deficiency) shows marked bile stasis within canaliculi as well as Mallory hyaline at the edges of the nodules . Mallory hyaline is a frequent finding in chronic cholestatic disorders. Cystic Fibrosis, Hepatic > Table of Contents > Part I - Liver > Section 1 - Inherited, Metabolic, and Developmental Disorders > Cystic Fibrosis, Hepatic Cystic Fibrosis, Hepatic Laura Webb Lamps, MD 57 Diagnostic Pathology: Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Key Facts Terminology  Generalized inherited disorder of exocrine gland function  CFTR mutation on chromosome 7  Most common autosomal recessive inherited disorder Microscopic Pathology  Focal biliary fibrosis is characteristic lesion o Dilated, proliferated bile ductules o Dense secretions/concretions represent abnormal secretions of CF o PAS positive (diastase resistant); mucicarmine and Alcian blue negative  Disease may progress to multilobular biliary cirrhosis  As life expectancy increases, hepatobiliary disease in CF more often recognized Hematoxylin & eosin shows proliferated bile ductules containing inspissated amorphous, eosinophilic secretions 58 .

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