Download e-book for kindle: Deterioration, Investment, or Divestment? by Dorothy Graham, Mark Fewster

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By Dorothy Graham, Mark Fewster

ISBN-10: 0321754069

ISBN-13: 9780321754066

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They developed what they call command-driven testing, which is based on a form of keyword-driven testing and worked well for them. This case study takes place in the insurance industry in Germany. Preface xlix Chapter 22, Test Automation as an Approach to Adding Value to Portability Testing Wim Demey describes how he developed an inhouse tool to work with commercial and open source tools to enable parallel testing of different configurations. Testing the installation of packages that are developed with a common core but customized for different customers is important because failures in installation may have serious impacts not just on the system but on market perception as well.

Management support is vital to success; we see this in many, if not most, of the case studies in this book. This support takes many forms: funding for tools, funding and release of time for a pilot project and testware architecture development, as well as taking an interest in what the automation is doing and monitoring costs and benefits. ) It is also vitally important that managers are educated and informed about what the automation is capable of providing and the effort and timescales needed to achieve those results.

His sensible approach to automation is to start by automating the easier components before tackling the more complex. Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending. It illustrates how presumably well-intentioned management actions can sabotage an automation effort. For reasons that become obvious when you read this chapter, the tool vendor is not identified: a fictitious company and tool name are used instead. This experience takes place in the United States with one automator (the author) and covers just over one year.

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