Dectection of Induced Fission in Sealand Containers [pres. - download pdf or read online

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It is a traditional part of our way oflife, but not of theirs. During the war we lost freedom to a considerable degree; they did not have it to lose. If we do not recover our freedom, and recover it promptly, reconversion in the United States will be a failure, for the most important part of its task will have been left undone. Following such failure, we would likely become a fully regimented state. We might accomplish the tasks of demobilization and retooling, only to be faced with a continuance, in some form and under some name, of servitude of the individual to the state, from which our ancestors struggled for centuries to free themselves.

Any statements or inferences to the contrary are delusive. Actions based on any other assumptions are either pitfalls or baited traps. Free prices are so much at the heart of a free economy as to be almost another name for the same thing. Prices are the forms of expression of all economic decisions, and free decisions have no other means of expression than through free prices. Prices in our economic affairs are the counterpart of the decisions ofjuries. A free (honest) decision of a jury rests on the freedom of the jurors to express their honest opinions, and it is the same within a price system.

Prices are always fluctuating and, except for the importance of the rate of change, controls would in the same sense always be needed. In wartime the special reason given is "to prevent inflation;" at other times it would be to prevent deflation; and at still other 29 times it would be to prevent excessive profits or losses in the production of cotton, or to prevent excessive profits or losses by "Mr. " We are forced reluctantly to the conclusion that the logical definition for "as soon as possible" is never.

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Dectection of Induced Fission in Sealand Containers [pres. slides]

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