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By W. E. van Wijk

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8I9 Bhiidrap. 859 An. D. 1894, Gregorian style. 21 explanation THE AUXILIARY TABLES § 24. V ARA or WEEKDAY. D. Section B of the first auxiliary Table offers a simple means of ascertaining the weekday without reducing the result to European date. g. Y. exp. 4995· Here the number 239 stands for day No. Y. exp. 4995. D. I894; and perpetual calendars showing the weekday for any given date of the Christian calendar are to be had in abundance. But, if we do not need the European equivalent of the date, we can ascertain the weekday straight away in the following manner: Section B, left hand part, gives for the argument 49 ...

23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. (§ 5). Y. exp. 3029. What does the answer to the first question stand for? (§ 6). Y. exp. 4635. Find the equivalent Julian date and the time of day. (see Aux. Table II, Sect. E). Find the equivalent Julian date and the time of day. Find the Gregorian equivalent and the time (in ghatikiis and palas [see aux. Table II, sect. Y. exp. 4932· (§ 7). Y. exp. Jlkriinti and the Orissa rule. (§ 9). Y. exp. 5772. Y. exp. 4227. Find the distance of the II -th mean New Moon from the base in K.

Iast terrestrial fr. Gr. :-;;-1-6_____ _ -OI3 -o I o -ooS -oo 5 ......................... -002. 3 ·---8--5--- -----····;;·%··6········ equation of time d 0 50 60 70 80 z zoo 2. 4 2. 5 2. 6 2. 8 - - - - I6 I5 I5 I4 I3 I2. ······-·-····· IO 30 c 9 3I s 3 2. 3.. 5·-·-·········- s 7 ------··6"- 36 5 37 5 4 38 ..... ____ ........ _______ } __ 2. 40 2. 4I I 42. 0 43 0 44 c + + + + + 4 5 I 2. 46 47 3 48 3 4 49 ---------------------50 +5 5I 5 2. c + + 6 6 lf/J Ioo = I 0 I 0 I2. IO 8 6 4 I I I 0 8 5 I .

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