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By Mark Hirschey, Kose John, Anil Makhija

ISBN-10: 1848555369

ISBN-13: 9781848555365

Whereas Advances maintains to submit papers from any quarter of Finance, the focal point of this factor is on company governance, generally outlined because the procedure of controls that is helping companies and different agencies successfully deal with, administer, and direct financial assets. integrated within the quantity are papers targeting: the effect of deregulation and company constitution on effective potency; the effectiveness of the fraud triangle and SAS; board tracking and entry to debt financing; institutional traders; and managerial balance and payout coverage.

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From the graph, it is clear that there are some years where the strategy is not profitable (including 1998, where mean returns are À61%). However, median returns (Panel B) suggest that the poor returns in Panel A are largely attributable to outliers. 01. The ‘‘star’’ performance of a few cash-hoarding firms provides a possible explanation for why the market does not fully recognize the implications of cash hoarding for future returns. If, as Hirshleifer and Teoh (2003) assert, investors have limited attention, then information that is more salient should be better reflected in market price than information that is less 48 DEREK OLER AND MARC PICCONI salient.

Firms that seem to have a limited set of investment opportunities, firms that are more likely to go bankrupt, and firms with weaker corporate governance are penalized by the market for holding excess cash. Firms that are more likely to be able to profitably invest excess cash, however, are not penalized. This chapter adds to the second stream of research on cash holdings by investigating the implications of a firm’s cash balance on future returns and performance. Contemporaneous valuation gives the market’s current assessment of the firm’s cash balance, but does the market get it right?

V. is Contemporaneous Returns Hoarding dummy Cash level Cash from operations Cash from financing Cash from investing Book-to-market Momentum Sales growth Accruals Intercept Number of observations F-score Adjusted R2 Panel B: D. V. 53% 16 Notes: The results of regressions of contemporaneous returns (Panel A) and future returns (Panel B) on a dummy variable set to one if the firm is defined as ‘‘cash hoarding’’ for a given year. ‘‘D. ’’ We control for cash level; cash flows from operations, financing, and investing activities; as well as book-to-market, size, momentum, sales growth, and accruals.

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Corporate Governance and Firm Performance (Advances in Financial Economics, Vol. 13) by Mark Hirschey, Kose John, Anil Makhija

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