Contemporary American Literature: (1945-Present) (Background - download pdf or read online

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By Erik V. R. Rangno

ISBN-10: 0816056714

ISBN-13: 9780816056712

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Strangelove’s scenario to be all too plausible. the war in Vietnam, and became the first modern president to visit China, thereby reestablishing a relationship with the most populous nation in the world. However, Nixon will likely be remembered most for the WATERGATE scandal, which led the House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings against him and caused him to resign from the presidency in 1974. C. As told in All the President’s Men (1976), their story eventually led to Nixon’s resignation and shook many Americans’ confidence in the presidency as a whole.

Incarcerated in a bleak, mechanistic institution run by Nurse Ratched, Chief believes the Combine to be responsible for turning men into lobotomized and neutered ser39 C o nt e m p o ra r y A meri c a n L i tera tu re (1 9 4 5 –Pr e s e n t ) vants. Randal P. ” Like Chief’s final rejection of the Combine, many Americans sought a similar form of escape through all forms of antiestablishment protest, including drugs, music, sex, and free speech. College campuses formed the epicenters of the countercultural movement.

Even more so than O’Hara, Ashbery attempted to reproduce the rhythm and structure of thought in his work and in so doing influenced much of contemporary poetry. His first collection of poems was Some Trees (1956). In it, Ashbery appears to talk his way through the confusion of ordinary experience. Ashbery often jokes about the material he uses, as with “Instruction Manual,” which is a catalog of clichés ordered to create effects. In a later poem, “Daffy Duck in Hollywood,” he even ridicules his own previous work in Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by imagining it to be delivered by the cartoon character.

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Contemporary American Literature: (1945-Present) (Background to American Literature) by Erik V. R. Rangno

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