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By William Smaldone

ISBN-10: 0739128434

ISBN-13: 9780739128435

The tales of the person women and men who led German Social Democracy's failed efforts to fend off the Nazi onslaught in 1933 have mostly been misplaced within the wake of the cataclysmic struggle, the Holocaust, and the department of Europe that Hitler's victory. Confronting Hitler recovers their tales and areas them at heart degree. In a sequence of biographical essays targeting the reviews of ten prime Social Democratic activists, Smaldone examines their defeat in 1933 from the point of view of people enmeshed in political fight.

This research finds what features of those activists' lives have been most crucial in shaping their political outlook in the course of the republic's ultimate situation and it illustrates the main components that guided their activities within the attempt to maintain the republic alive. furthermore, the biographies elevate the real factor of the measure to which the defeat of German Social Democracy in 1933 is similar to the reviews of different democratic socialist events within the 20th century.

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Describing them as a “catchall” party with support from the military, the aristocracy, the old middle class (Mittelstand), the peasantry, officialdom, and even the working class, he acknowledged its great success in using antirepublicanism to unite disparate elements into a powerful political movement. Hilferding feared that, as National Socialism grew, it would be increasingly tempting for a rightwing cabinet to invite its leaders into the government, a move that would put the resources of the state at the Nazis’ disposal.

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