Concise Pathology by Parakrama Chandrasoma, P. Chandrasoma, Chandrasoma PDF

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By Parakrama Chandrasoma, P. Chandrasoma, Chandrasoma

ISBN-10: 0838514995

ISBN-13: 9780838514993

Univ. of Southern California, la. A Lange scientific publication. finished synopsis of basic and systemic pathology. For clinical scholars taking their second-year pathology path. Halftone illustrations. prior variation: c1995. Softcover.

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Acute myocardial infarction) Drugs inhibiting neutrophil adhesion molecules: corticosteroids, catecholamines, lithium Monocytes and macrophages (see Figs. , alveolar macrophages) Functions: phagocytosis, process antigen, enhance host immunologic response (secrele cylokines like IL-i, TNF) Causes of monocytosis: chronic inflammalion, auloimmune disease, malignancy B cells and T cells (see Figs. , tuberculosis) Causes of B/T lymphocylosis: viral infections Plasma cells (see Fig. 2-14C) Anlibody producing cells derived from B cells Morphology: well-developed rough endoplasmic reticulum (sile of protein synthesis).

I stimulates the productioii and activation of eosinophils. 2. Mast cell activation (re-exposure) a. Allergen-specific Igl'l antibodies are bound to mast cells. b. Allergens cross-link IgE antibodies specific for the allergen on mast cell membranes. c. lgl% triggering causes mast cell release of preformed mediators. (1) Early phase reaction with release of liistamine, chemotaciic factors for eosinophils, proteases (2) I'roduces tissue swelling and bronchoconstriction Immunopathology d. Late phase reaction (1) Mast cells synthesize and release prostaglandins and leukotrienes, (2) Enhances and prolongs acute inflammatory- reaction Masl cells; early and late phase reactions Desensitization therapy involves repeated injections o f increasingly greater a m o u n t s o f allergen, resulting in production of IgG antibodies that attach to allergens and prevent them from binding to mast cells.

Philadelphia, WB Saunders, 1000, p 1S2, Fig. C3b receptor O2 (superoxide) U-SOD HaOz—^ Hydrolases ^ Phagolysosome Cl" ^ ^ ^ > — s ^ G S H peroxidase GSH QSSG ^ , >—< ••^^-HOCI-(bleach) NADP+ MPO > Hydrolases G6-P NADPH - < 6PG Glucose-6-phosphale dehydrogenase Bacleria 2-4: Oxygen-dependent myeloperoxidase system. A series of biochemical reactions occurs in the phagolysosome, resulting in the production of hypochlorous free radicals (bleach; HOCI-) that destroy bacteria. Fe", reduced iron; CSH, reduced glutalhione: C6-P.

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