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By Carmen Jany

ISBN-10: 0520098757

ISBN-13: 9780520098756

The Chimariko language, now extinct, was once spoken in Trinity County, California. This reference grammar, according to info gathered by way of Harrington within the 1920's, represents the main accomplished description of the language. Written from a functional-typological viewpoint this paintings additionally examines language touch in Northern California exhibiting that grammatical features are frequently shared between genetically unrelated languages in geographically contiguous areas.

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2 Minimal pairs. The following set illustrates the phonemic status of /i~ o ~ u/: 9. 3 Vowel length. 004) notes that vowel length is rare and that it can sometimes be attributed to a sequence of VC(V), whereby C is most often a glide or a glottal stop. According to Berman (2001:1042), transcriptions of Martha Ziegler’s speech show no distinction in vowel length, while those of Abe Bush and Saxey Kidd do. Good (2002:10) proposes a system containing six vowels, given that vowel length is clearest for the low vowel as noted by Grekoff: a, a:, e, i, o, u.

These are illustrated below. 19. ’ -> čʰilintos pʰaˀyiaqleaˀ 26 20. one whistle ‘That one whistles’ 21. 2 Possible consonant clusters. Onset and coda clusters are very limited. Only four clusters are found in onsets in word-initial position: pq', tq’, tx, ṭx. 11, the two clusters having a velar fricative a second segment could also be interpreted as the aspirated stops /tʰ/ and /ṭʰ/ which are rarely found in the data. Examples of onset clusters are shown below: 22. pq’iliˀi tq’amina txeleˀi ṭxol ‘crooked’ ‘flea’ ‘flat and broad’ ‘crawfish’ Coda clusters are found word-medially and word-finally.

26. A-drop-immersingly-ASP The syllabification of geminates is unclear. With matching morphological and phonological alignment they would be heterosyllabic. 4 Summary of phonotactic restrictions. The phonotactic restrictions are summarized in Table 4: Table 4: Summary of phonotactic restrictions Word-initial Syllable-initial no r, kʰ rare all, p’ only before o, u y, w not ___i, u resp. y, w not ___i, u resp. h, ˀ elision possible Word-initial (only) Complex onset pq’, tq’, tx, ṭx Complex coda Word-final no ṭ, no č h rare vowel elision poss.

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