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By George G. Windell

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1:66. , 66-67. 30 37 The Catholics and German Unity, 1866-1871 dozent, he was indirectly connected with the Arminia at Bonn, which proved to be one of the most active. By 1867 Catholic student organizations had become sufficiently numerous to make possible the holding of the first Generalversammlung sdmmtlicher katholischen Stur dentenvereine Deutschlands at Berlin. Similar meetings followed at Miinster in 1868 and at Wiirzburg in 1869. 82 Although it is difficult to assess the degree to which these student organizations were significant in molding the views of young Catholic intellectuals, it appears safe to conclude that, by introducing a considerable number of young men to political and social issues which were of importance to Catholics generally, they did contribute to building the reservoir of strength upon which political leaders later were able to draw.

68, 166; Hansen, 1:797; HPB, 68:409-10. Bongartz, 29, 149. His major address on "The Past and Present of Catholic Theology" argued that the teaching of the Church on many points of doctrine had changed drastically in the course of its history. Therefore, he concluded, research in Church history had two fundamental tasks: first, to investigate what it had taught at various times in the past, and, second, since any dogma might be opposed to the tradition of the Church, to test whether or not any doctrine could be defined dogmatically.

Bachem, 3:26. , 26-27; Julius Bachem, Erinnerungen eines alien Publizisten und Politikers, 41. 21 This program resembles closely the one offered by Catholic delegates in the Constituent Reichstag of 1867, and one which they were still reiterating in 1871. For the sake of completeness, a final example of a social-political organization which had unconcealed political objectives must be mentioned, the Bayrisch-patriotische Bauernverein. This powerful farmers' organization was established in 1868 by Count F.

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Catholic and German Unity, Eighteen Sixty-Six to Eighteen Seventy-One by George G. Windell

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