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By Deborah B. McGuire, Connie Henke Yarbro

ISBN-10: 0867207256

ISBN-13: 9780867207255

Booklet by way of McGuire, Deborah B.

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25 One chapter in this document reviewed research that supports to varying degrees the existence and appropriateness of these six dimensions in patients with general medical pain, postoperative pain, sickle cell crisis pain, cancer-related pain, myocardial infarction pain, burn pain, gynecologic pain, neurologic pain, and trauma pain. Thus, research findings appear to support the relevance of this multidimensional framework not only for cancer-related pain, but also for many types of acute pain.

Throughout the book, the content is supported by current research and state-of-the-art information. Wherever appropriate, emphasis is placed on the application of the content to clinical settings, with guidelines, assessment tools, and other relevant materials included to help readers transfer the information to their patients. We hope you will find this text informative, current, and helpful in your efforts to alleviate cancer-related pain. DEBORAH B. MCGUIRE, PHD, RN, FAAN CONNIE HENKE YARBRO, MS, RN BETTY ROLLING FERRELL, PHD, RN, FAAN Page xv Acknowledgments The editors gratefully acknowledge the time and expertise of the following individuals who reviewed material for this book: Lynn Baxendale-Cox, PhD, RN Assistant Professor and Director of the JHUSON Research Laboratory The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Baltimore, Maryland Barbara Reed, MN, RN, CGNP Clinical Nurse Specialist, Pain Management Emory University Hospital Atlanta, Georgia Deborah Thorpe, PhD, RN, CS Clinical Nurse Specialist Pain and Symptom Management University of Texas M.

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