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By Volker Wunderlich, Peter Kunze (auth.), Erle S. Robertson (eds.)

ISBN-10: 144199999X

ISBN-13: 9781441999993

The acknowledgment that viruses are powerful organic elements in using many cancers have visible a dramatic upsurge lately largely to the luck of the human papilloma virus vaccine opposed to invasive cervical carcinomas and by means of the awarding of the noble prize in drugs in 2008 to Dr. Harald zurHausen who pointed out the hyperlink among papilloma virus and cervical cancers. during the last few years there were a few volumes addressing diverse elements of viruses and cancers and to some degree concentrating on the DNA viruses, extra in particular the human DNA viruses. This proposed quantity will try to evaluate and deal with the key gaps in present wisdom in DNA viruses in addition to RNA viruses bringing a old standpoint of the place stories started to a more moderen molecular technique and vaccine successes in tumor viruses. we'll additionally hide different identified oncogenic viruses linked cancers in different mammals as well as humans.

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Volker Wunderlich, Peter Kunze (auth.), Erle S. Robertson's Cancer Associated Viruses PDF

The acknowledgment that viruses are powerful organic components in using many cancers have obvious a dramatic upsurge in recent times largely to the luck of the human papilloma virus vaccine opposed to invasive cervical carcinomas and by means of the awarding of the noble prize in medication in 2008 to Dr.

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From the mid 1920s on, much-discussed studies by the British scientists Willam E. Gye (1884–1952) and Christopher H. Andrewes (1896–1988) kept Rous’ experiments from being forgotten. Rous himself did not take up work in this area until 1933, after Richard E. Shope (1901–1966) had 1 Peyton Rous 17 succeeded with a cell-free transmission of papillomas of cottontail rabbits (Shope 1933). Shope left the alleged virus tumor to his colleague Rous for further experiments. The model gave Rous the opportunity to study many characteristics of the natural development of tumors.

The initial observations were soon confirmed by Okochi and Murakami (1968), Vierucci et al. (1968) and Prince (1968). Prince associated Au with the HBV that had been postulated by Krugman and other pioneers in the hepatitis field before our discovery of HBV. ) in several other laboratories that greatly increased the probabilities of control and treatment of viral hepatitis (Fig. 2). Fig. 1 Scan. ppt 112K. The first published image of the precipitin reaction in agar gel between “Australia antigen” (the surface antigen of HBV) in the top well, and the antibody against it in the bottom well.

A phase of tumor initiation is followed by phases of promotion and progression up to the fully developed metastasizing tumor (Rous and Kidd 1941). This may cause a synergistic effect of viruses and chemical carcinogens. The terms “latent or dormant tumor cells” and “cancer as a multifactorial disease” were also introduced by Rous on the basis of these experiments (see Rous 1967b). The real breakthrough of the virus theory of cancer came in the 1950s. In 1951 and 1954, respectively, Ludwik Gross (1904–1999) in New York and Arnold Graffi (1910–2006) in Berlin were able to prove that viruses caused lymphatic (Gross 1951) and myeloid leukemia (Graffi et al.

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