Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer PDF

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By Sigmund Brouwer

ISBN-10: 0307446344

ISBN-13: 9780307446343

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He’d always let her believe they would be escaping together. He took a shoelace from his pocket that he’d kept in preparation and tied it through a buttonhole of the blouse. ” Through the years, he’d suffered her anguish at any reminder that she was so different. How much easier it would have been to show her a cocoon discarded by a butterfly, explaining the purpose of her hideous hump and what joy could be ahead of her. But it would have led to the other questions that he had never wanted to answer.

SIX Theo Balder believed that luck had finally turned in his favor. He was hunched behind a log, feeling around in the water for crawfish, when a small man with a backpack knelt to drink about fifty yards upstream. Theo had become so hungry that he’d begun to wonder if he would die of starvation. Anything but surrender. The backpack, however, could give him life. It might have money inside. Or matches. Or a knife. Or, best of all, maybe food. In the factory, at night, older kids whispered stories about the people of the Clan who roamed the woods, looking for kids to kill, barbecue, and hang from trees as a warning to stay in the towns.

It surprised Pierce. The physician looked softer than that. ” Pierce walked to the window. “The less you know, the better for them. ” The threat was a bluff. While other Outside agents had no compunction about abusing their training and authority, Pierce would not hurt the innocent, especially children. He remembered how his parents had died, futilely trying to protect his sister. He saw his memories in black and white, his parents’ spilled blood like dark oil. Pierce was confident, however, that his bluff would not be called.

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Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer

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