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By Isaac Asimov

Breakthroughs in technology

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To Rumors from Holland made also told of a tube with lenses that far objects appear near at hand. ment had clamped The Dutch govern the lid of military secrecy vention, but Galileo got to thinking about on the how in such a device might work. In months, he had designed and constructed a six scope (later he constructed tributed over Europe). where it stairs to was many He a sensation. others which were demonstrated it tele dis in Venice, Portly gentlemen puffed up the tops of the highest buildings to look through Galileo's tube at ships so distant they in the harbor for hours.

Asked himself: Why Earth, as the apple Newton does not the moon, too, fell, reasoned as follows: Perhaps the pulled to the Earth, but the speed of the moon's visible Newton fall drawn by the force of time to the gravity? moon is movement through space cancels out the pull of the Earth's gravity. He reasoned further: If the force that pulls the apple to the Earth also pulls the would have moon to the Earth, that force to extend far out into space. tended into space, this force of gravity And as it ex would become weaker and weaker.

Galileo passed on this information to his professors. Galileo never got his degree in medicine. have enough money reason, however, he overheard a was He to continue his studies. did not The real was probably lack of interest. By chance, lecture on geometry, and discovered he really interested in mathematics and physics not medicine. He went found to Florence, a patron, and studied the behavior of objects floating in water. His essay describing his conclusions vious was so well "young hopeful" When done that it made him an ob in the scholarly he returned to Pisa in 1588, matical lecturer at the University.

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