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By T. R. Oke

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This contemporary climatology textbook explains the climates shaped close to the floor by way of the biking of strength and mass via structures

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G. trees in a forest, buildings in a city). For climatic purposes we define the ‘active’ surface as the principal plane of climatic activity in a system. g. radiant to thermal, sensible to latent) and mass (change of state of water) occur; where precipitation is intercepted; and where the major portion of drag on airflow is exerted. Where appropriate, 33 34 Boundary Layer Climates the position of the active surface will be identified for each of the environments treated in this book. Viewed in detail no surface is flat, but is composed of some form of roughness element, therefore some degree of simplification is necessary as a working basis.

1 for typical values). It is however essential that each property refers to the same incident radiation. 7) This is Kirchhoff’s Law, which holds that at the same temperature and wavelength good absorbers are good emitters. 6) ␣␭=␺ ␭=0. e. between bodies at typical E-A system temperatures). Although they are theoretically valid for short-wave exchange, their use does not arise because no E-A system bodies emit short wavelength radiation. 1. e. 8 ␣long is generally less than 0·10). During its passage through the Atmosphere the solar beam encounters clouds and other atmospheric constituents including water vapour, salt crystals, dust particles and various gases.

Thus in the simple case we envisage a layer of influence which waxes and wanes in a rhythmic fashion in response to the daily solar cycle. Naturally this ideal picture can be considerably disrupted by large-scale weather systems whose wind and cloud patterns are not tied to surface features, or to the daily heating cycle. For our purposes the characteristic horizontal distance scale for the boundary layer can be related to the distance air can travel during a heating or cooling portion of the daily cycle.

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