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By Boschke F.L.

ISBN-10: 3540076050

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It is a consequence of the difference in range of the dispersive attractions (,-~R -6) and repulsions (--~R -12) that the former may be responsible for the stability of a crystal while the latter dominates the detailed crystal packing and structure. Where the units are ions or are strongly dipolar and the binding forces ionic rather than dispersive, repulsions again determine local structure, although where alternative local structures are not too different in energy there is evidence that permanent electric moments have an effect.

19) is real and negative, and the overall sign of both expressions is positive, showing that the discrimination favours the unlike (d-l) over the like (d-d) interaction. The like species repel and unlike attract, so far as the contribution by the electric-magnetic term is concerned. The overall dispersion interaction is strongly attractive. The ratio of the averaged discriminating energy to the averaged total is again 10- 3 _ 10-4 . 39 D. P. Craig and D. P. Mellor IV. Resonance Discrimination 1, Physical Ideas The topic in this section is one for which no practical application has yet been suggested, though Various possibilities exist.

The dipole lies in the (xz) plane. The quadrupole component is symmetric to mirror planes containing the z axis and either of the bisectors of the x and y axes. The combination has neither centre nor plane of s y m m e t r y 22 Discriminuting I n t e r a c t i o n s B e t w e e n Chiral Molecules More general results can readily be found. All moments are from now on referred to the same body axis system, the z axis being the common polar axis. 7), which give the transformation properties of the multipole components under the operations of inversion ({), reflection in the xy plane (~) reflection in a plane containing the z axis (a,), and improper r o t a t i o n about the z axis by 2~/p, (iC~).

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