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By Constantine P. Karakousis

ISBN-10: 1493916335

ISBN-13: 9781493916337

This quantity is the manufactured from the author's lengthy adventure with melanomas and sarcomas and to a lesser yet major measure with top gastrointestinal cancers, colorectal and breast cancers.  As such, it deals a “hands-on” sensible consultant to imminent complicated soft-tissue tumors and for appearing extra huge tumor resections in response to over forty years of surgical experience.  It offers vital information about the location of sufferers, incision forms, and publicity that are of paramount value within the resection of convinced tumors. The e-book includes very important common surgical rules for impending tumors in quite a few destinations but in addition deals the aspect invaluable for the secure and oncologically sound resection of those malignancies. additionally, this operative atlas includes particular details for strategies which aren't as generally encountered in surgical education, yet might be priceless within the administration of sufferers with in the community competitive tumors, corresponding to hemipelvectomy and its variations, sacral resections, and forequarter amputation. 

Through using a number of particular illustrations, Atlas of Operative strategies in Surgical Oncology serves as a necessary source to the overall general practitioner or surgical oncologist within the operative administration of sufferers with melanoma within the stomach, retroperitoneum, pelvis or extremities. 

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The superficial branch of the radial nerve is dissected when it is possible. Otherwise, it can be sacrificed with relative impunity, as it is only a sensory nerve. The radial head of the flexor digitorum superficialis was divided at its origin from the radius, exposing the median nerve lying underneath its muscle. The necessary portion of the flexor digitorum superficialis is removed en bloc with the tumor. In this case, the flexor capacity of the fingers is maintained by the deep muscles. The median nerve lying between the flexor digitorum superficialis and flexor digitorum profundus is usually not involved and can be dissected from the tumor.

The case being illustrated was that of a patient with a recurrent sarcoma located in the radial side of the second metacarpal, close to the dorsal surface. At the previous operation, a sarcoma close to the periosteum of the second metacarpal had been locally excised. Through a small incision, histological confirmation of the local recurrence was first obtained (Fig. 1). A V-shaped incision from the base of the second metacarpal to the web space between the first and second and the second and third digits was performed (Fig.

Orthopaedic surgical approaches. Philadelphia: Saunders; 2013. p. 61–144. 2. Muramatsu K, Ihara K, Yoshida K, Tominaga Y, Hashimoto T, Taguchi T. Musculoskeletal sarcomas in the forearm and hand: standard treatment and microsurgical reconstruction for limb salvage. Anticancer Res. 2013;33(10):4175–82. 3. O’Neill PJ, Litts C. Hand and forearm reconstruction after skin cancer ablation. Clin Plast Surg. 2004;31(1):113–9. Fig. 9 The median nerve dissected from the elbow to the wrist, shown after resection of sarcoma of the ventral forearm 6 Tumor in the Dorsal Aspect of the Forearm The dorsal antebrachial muscles may be distinguished in the superficial group, which includes the brachioradialis, extensor carpi radialis longus, extensor carpi radialis brevis, extensor digitorum, extensor digiti minimi, extensor carpi ulnaris, and anconeus, and in the deep group, including the supinator, abductor pollicis longus, extensor pollicis brevis, extensor pollicis longus, and extensor indicis.

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