Astrophysical Aspects of Quark-Gluon Plasma [thesis] by D. Enstrom PDF

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By D. Enstrom

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An antiquark loses kinetic energy while bouncing off the surface. • A quark and an antiquark annihilate at the surface, emitting a pion. 15) where fπ is the decay constant of the pion and x is a spatial dimension. The cooling by pion emission increases with temperature, but integrating eq. 15), the pion radiation falls below the thermal emission rate up to temperatures of 300 MeV. This leads to the conclusion that cooling by pion radiation is probably not a major channel of energy loss. , that the plasma will expand until it reaches the critical temperature Tc and then convert into a hadronic gas, while maintaining thermal and chemical equilibrium.

There are presently several such experiments running at the SPS collider at CERN and the AGS collider at Brookhaven. 30 Two more colliders are under construction, LHC at CERN and RHIC at Brookhaven. 4 TeV There are three distinguishable processes in models of ultra-relativistic heavyion collisions and QGP formation. The first is the collision of the two nuclei and the formation of the thermalized QGP. g. the partonic cascade model [24] and the QCD string-breaking model based on the Lund string model [25].

Mass vs. applied central energy density. Stable configurations occur only in the density intervals with the full-drawn line. The parameter values are B 1/4 = 150 MeV, T = 0 MeV, µu , µd , µs = 0 and αs = 0. 2. This plot shows stable (full line), and unstable (hatched line) configurations of the QGP bag. The parameter values are B 1/4 = 150 MeV, T = 200 MeV, µu , µd , µs = 0 and αs = 0. 3 · 106 times εnuc . 3. ). The hatched line corresponds to the Schwarzschild limit. All other parameter values are the same as in Fig.

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