New PDF release: Analyzing Banking Risk: A Framework for Assessing Corporate

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By Hennie Van Greuning, Sonja Brajovic Bratanovic

ISBN-10: 0821377280

ISBN-13: 9780821377284

ISBN-10: 0821378988

ISBN-13: 9780821378984

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For example, some companies could include depreciation in the cost of sales, while others could show it separately. However, if a ll t hese aspects a re kept in mind, cross-sectional a nalysis offers the analyst a powerful analytical tool. Trend Analysis The trend of an amount or a ratio, which shows whether it is improving or deteriorating, is a s important as its current absolute level. Trend analysis provides important information regarding historical performance and growth and, given a sufficiently long history of accurate seasonal information, can be of great assistance as a planning tool for management.

Fair, transparent statements greatly contribute to the facilitation of risk management, bank supervision, and consumer protection. Property reg istries are a lso a p art o f r isk ma nagement i nfrastructure. S uch registers def ine f ixed and movable assets and marketable securities and effectively protect property rights. They also facilitate the registration and collection of collateral a nd s ubsequent c redit r isk ma nagement. R isk referenc e reg isters serve the same purpose through the collection and maintenance of information on the credit history of individuals and firms, which are readily distributed to interested parties.

However, a reliance on full disclosure as a means of monitoring banks requires too much of depositors, who would need an increasing level of analytical sophistication to be able to evaluate the complex business of financial institutions. Furthermore, economies of scale exist in the processing and interpretation of financial information. In the future, professional financial market analysts, rating agencies (which a re capable of handling sophisticated financial i nformation), a nd t he h ighly i nfluential media a re e xpected to play an increasingly important role in applying market discipline to influence or to correct bank behavior.

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