American Stories: Living American History, Volume I, To 1877 by Jason Ripper PDF

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By Jason Ripper

ISBN-10: 0765619180

ISBN-13: 9780765619181

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Most outlying houses were destroyed, along with cattle and crops. The English settlers fled to Jamestown, which remained safe, but which became overcrowded and more unsanitary than usual. In all, about one-fourth of the colony’s population died in the attacks, soon to be followed by even more deaths from an epidemic that was exacerbated by the cramped living conditions in Jamestown. But Opechancanough underestimated the colonists’ will to stay and fight, and fight back they did—first by giving poisoned wine to Powhatan peace negotiators.

Asked the chairman. ”9 Berkeley held onto Cockacoeske’s allegiance (no thanks to his “morose” legislators and their rude attitudes), but Nathaniel Bacon continued to press for vengeance against any and all tribes. A small faction of leaders supported him, and together with a white and black militia, Bacon scared Governor Berkeley onto the safety of a ship. During the next two months, the governor raised an army of his own and marched on Bacon’s forces, pushing them back out of Jamestown. Bacon encircled the city and defended his position by taking the wives of the governor’s supporters, dressing them in white, and setting them in between the opposing armies, essentially as shields.

Building to a fearful crescendo, suggesting that she would knock the colony to pieces, Dudley concluded, “she hath a potent party in the country . . ” In fact, there had been religious dissent within the colony, and Hutchinson had participated in the disagreements since the time of her arrival. Dudley’s claims were accurate. Boston had only about 1,000 residents, and sometimes sixty of them showed up for Hutchinson’s in-home sermons—nearly onetenth the population under her sway. But had she actually done something illegal?

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American Stories: Living American History, Volume I, To 1877 by Jason Ripper

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