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By John Middleton

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Supplying a entire examine the continent of Africa and the nations that contain it, this booklet describes its peoples and cultures, track and artwork, exchange and economic climate, vacations and gala's, tribal teams, ecology, faith, fossil and skeleton discoveries, the land and its background, artwork and structure and everyday life. It examines Africa from prehistoric occasions to the current day.

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The urban centers were bulging with refugees from the countryside who lacked the skills and the education needed to obtain jobs in the cities. Boumédienne proposed programs to improve services and living conditions for the people. In 1978 he introduced a new constitution, establishing the FLN as the sole legal party. However, Boumédienne died suddenly and was replaced by Colonel Chadli Benjedid in 1979. When Benjedid assumed leadership, many Algerians felt that the promise of independence remained unfulfilled.

The Romans built roads and military posts, introduced Christianity, and provided a market for Algerian grain. But as the Roman Empire declined, its control over Algeria weakened. For a time the members of a Christian group known as the Donatists led an independent state in Algeria. This fledgling state fell to the Vandals, who invaded North Africa from Europe. The Vandals, in turn, were driven out of Algeria by the Byzantine Empire, the eastern part of the former Roman Empire. Arab Invasion. In the 600s invaders from the Arabian peninsula attacked and conquered Algeria.

The many breeds of African cattle are put to various uses. Some herding peoples keep the animals mainly for milk, while other groups eat the meat as well. Cattle are frequently used to pull plows, turn waterwheels or grain mills, and carry loads. Sometimes cattle are ridden. In many herding societies, cattle are regarded not only as a convenient source of food but also as a living symbol of well-being and prosperity— both spiritual and economic. The pastoral peoples of Kenya do not kill their cattle for food, although they consume milk and blood from living animals and use the hides of dead ones.

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Africa. An Encyclopedia for Students. Abidjan - Economic by John Middleton

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