Advisory Mtl - Regs for Safe Transport of Radioactive Mtl - download pdf or read online

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Read Online or Download Advisory Mtl - Regs for Safe Transport of Radioactive Mtl (IAEA TS-G-1.1) PDF

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For radiographic devices where the source to surface distance is generally kept to a minimum, the effect is usually not negligible, and an allowance should be made for the size of the detector volume. 6. When monitoring finned flasks or other transport packages, care should be taken where narrow radiation beams may be encountered. A dose rate meter, with a detector area much larger than the cross-sectional area of the beam to be measured, will yield a proportionally reduced reading of dose rate because of averaging over the much larger detector area.

The definition of LSA-I was consequently modified to: — include only those ores containing naturally occurring radionuclides which are intended to be processed for the use of these radionuclides (para. 226(a)(i)); — exclude fissile material in quantities not excepted under para. 672 (para. 226(a)(iii)); and — add radioactive material in which the activity is distributed throughout in concentrations up to 30 times the exemption level (para. 226(a)(iv)). Materials containing radionuclides in concentrations above the exemption levels have to be regulated.

2. The Basic Safety Standards [1] define radiological protection requirements for practices (activities that increase the overall exposure to radiation) and for intervention (activities that decrease the overall exposure by influencing the existing causes of exposure). The system of radiological protection for practices as set out in the Basic Safety Standards (Section 2, Principal Requirements) is summarized as follows: — No practice is to be adopted unless it produces a positive net benefit (justification of a practice).

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Advisory Mtl - Regs for Safe Transport of Radioactive Mtl (IAEA TS-G-1.1)

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