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By Gary A. Donaldson

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The usa had super possibilities after global conflict II. The nation's business could, geared to defeat Germany and Japan, may now be concerned with family creation. genuine wages have been up, the GNP used to be at the upward thrust, commercial creation used to be up, and inflation was once lower than keep watch over. the longer term seemed vivid for the typical American. yet this abundance used to be punctuated with anxiousness. inside 4 years of the tip of the struggle, the Soviet Union had develop into the recent enemy: that they had the bomb and China and japanese Europe had fallen into the Soviet sphere of effect. those issues, the abundance of the growing to be economic system and the anxiousness of the chilly warfare, outlined the interval from 1945-1960.

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He was promptly fired. In August 1945 the Soviets rushed into Manchuria to encounter an already defeated Japanese army. Truman wanted to hold back the Red Army as much as possible in Asia, and in General Order Number One he announced that the United States would occupy Japan alone. Truman’s new ambassador to Moscow, Edwin Pauley, tried to convince the president that something needed to be done or the Soviets would overrun all of Manchuria and Korea. ’’17 With troops no closer to the Asian mainland than Okinawa, the United States proposed a division of Korea at the 38th parallel.

On February 26, Truman met with congressional leaders to outline the crisis. The briefing was led by the new secretary of state, George Marshall, but Acheson took the floor and presented the case for containment with the passion of an evangelist. ’’ In his memoirs Acheson recalled that ‘‘The Soviet Union was playing one of the greatest gambles in history at a minimal cost. . ’’ In those brief statements, Acheson had evoked the new policy of containment, the American revulsion at appeasement, and the origins of what would become the domino theory—that the collapse of one nation would inevitably bring on the collapse of others.

Provide the bomb. ’’13 The Soviets were intimidated and fearful of America’s new power in a world that was becoming more hostile and uncertain almost daily. The bomb, Ambassador Harriman wrote to Secretary Byrnes in late 1945, ‘‘must have revived their own feeling of insecurity. . ’’ The bomb helped solidify the cold war. S. attitude toward the Soviets and the bomb, however, had not yet hardened. In January 1946 the president appointed a committee to draw up a proposal for international control of atomic energy.

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