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You will find that some matter in solid form, and sometimes in liquid form too, has a peculiar property: some electrons can wander from atom to atom. If we can supply some force to drive them through the material in one direction, we have an electric current through the material. Thus the whole field of electricity, with its usefulness to mankind, arises simply because we can make electrons pass through matter. During your science studies you will check many of these things; your own experiments and observations will help you to realise and understand that this picture of the universe is consistent with what you observe.

But it does not stop there. Gradually it spreads out from the beaker lip, spreading across the desk until after a short time it has travelled some distance from the original copper and acid mixture. Think about this. It is quite amazing. How can our particle picture cope with this strange behaviour of nitrogen dioxide? Before trying to explain what happens to nitrogen dioxide, let us try something else. This is something which might be done in your classroom. A bottle of scent is placed in the centre of the room.

SCIENTIFIC M E T H O D There is one very important aspect of science which you should appreciate from this bookthe scientific method. Science advances in a definite pattern. Firsit and foremost scientists must make observations>. These observations must be careful and accurate; ; and the results of more and more observation s accumulate. 1—6 Then the second important part of the scientific method is used. Scientists look at the results of all their observations and try to develop a theory or explanation of how their investigations might work.

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