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By Jaideva Singh, Paul Muller-Ortega

ISBN-10: 0791401812

ISBN-13: 9780791401811

It is a lengthy remark on a brief Tantra. the most authoritative and commemorated texts in Kashmir Shaivism, it bargains with the character of final fact and with equipment of recognition targeting the speculation and perform of Mantra. Abhinavagupta provides his metaphysics of language, of the area (Vak), and its relation to awareness. He calls it 'the instructing of the key of the Trika doctrine.'

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T ext From kulaijt sthula sukjma etc. on p. 11, 1. 17 upto kimaparena vdgjdlena on p. 13, 1. 10. e. in the sense of totality of manifestation),1 and in the sense of cause-effect. S. 2 So kula or totality is so called, because Consciousness itself abides in the various forms of objectivity2 (yathduasthandt)z by means of coagulation4 and Consciousness itself (voluntarily)5 assumes bondage by its own Freedom. • W ithout Consciousness which is Light itself, no entity which is devoid of the light of manifestation (

The divine Being)*’ (Sp. K. I, 8). , being endowed with the power of omniscience proceed to carry out their assigned functions towards the embodied ones just as the senses of the embodied ones by resorting to the power of spanda proceed to carry out their (specific) functions” (Sp. K. 1 1,1 ). e. though it is present in every one, it is not realized by all. Siddhi means, according to the principle already described, liberation in life itself (in the form of identity with the divine consciousness) generating the m uch sought-after supernormal 34 Pard-Trtiikd-Vivarana powers, animd13 etc.

The impressions of difference) vanish, what does the announcem ent of such liberation signify and with reference to what is this liberation? , th at the universe is identical with the Self), regards the whole world as a play (of the Divine), and thus being ever united (with the universal Consci­ ousness) is, without doubt, liberated while alive” (Sp. K . II, 5 ). This will be clarified shortly. , identity of oneself with the perfect I-consciousness of Bhairava) constitutes the purpose of the Sastras and so this purpose is the culmination of the object of hum an existence.

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