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By K. Cullen, P. Hands

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See also for dear life > l if e 3 look like death warmed up or feel like death warmed up (inform al) You look, or feel, like death warm ed up if you look or feel very tired or ill: I wish Td been a bit more sensible last night; I feel like death warmed up. ♦ see also off-colour > co lo u r deck 3 stack the deck again st som eone (A m E ) I f you stack the deck against som e­ one, you put them at a disadvantage: Roy could have become manager, but the Board stacked the deck against him by seeking a younger man.

I broke the vase o com e full circle or turn full circle then lied about it to everyone. I f things come, or turn, full circle, a situation which existed in the past cleaners changes and develops, but then re­ 3 take som eone to the cleaners (infor­ turns, probably in a slightly different mal) form, in the present: Sadly, events have I f someone takes you to the cleaners, come fu ll circle and those who defended their actions result in your losing or the university then must do so again. spending all or a lot o f your money, or in your complete defeat: His ex-wife city hall really took him to the cleaners in the di­ o fight city hall (A m E ) vorce settlement.

S------------------------------------------------------------------- - Notice that just saying 'such-and-such w arm s the co ck les’ is often enough. coast o the coast is clear You say that the co a st is c le a r when you consider that it is safe to do some­ thing because a certain person is ab­ sent or is not watching: Once you’re \ A cobw eb is a network o f threads made by a spider. Cobwebs gather in places that do not get used, or cleaned, very often. coin 3 coin it or coin it in (informal) Someone who is c o in in g it or c o in in g it in is earning a lot of money: He fig - cold compliment 35 ured he could make a lot of money out of this room - he could charge £10 an hour and really coin it in.

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