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By Henderson W. E.

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The potential increment of the staircase is ΔE. The current is sampled at the end of each pulse to yield forward and reverse currents. Their difference is the net current. These above techniques minimize capacitive effects and yields tall peaks, thus facilitating resolution in systems displaying multiple signals [85]. (e) Electrochemical parameters can be varied within relatively large intervals, thus modulating the observed electrochemical response. 2 Conventional Voltammetry 39 and resistive effects, in particular), as well as in a decrease of peak resolution.

Generally, the first recorded cycles differ slightly, and only after 3–4 cycles do the CVs approach a constant response. 2 Conventional Voltammetry 35 Fig. 10 M KCl solution. Potential scan rate of 50 mV/s. 65 V, thus defining an initial anodic (oxidative) scan. 45 V is reached. In this system, a redox process based on the oxidation of iron ions in their oxidation state +2 to iron ions in a +3 oxidation state can occur. This defines a [Fe(CN)6 ]3− /[Fe(CN)6 ]4− redox couple, characterized by a mid-peak potential Emp that can, under certain conditions, be taken as a good approximation for the formal electrode potential Ec◦ of the redox system—in turn, directly related to the thermodynamic electrode potential E ◦ .

Moreover, and depending on the instrumental technique used, the obtained data can be panoramic or sequential and the measurements can be directly performed on the work itself or on a sample. 6. 3 Point analysis providing chemical composition of layers and bulk Chemical methods and instrumental techniques included in this group provide elemental composition and characterization of ionic species present in the bulk or layers of the object. 4 An Overview on Analytical Methods Applied in Archaeometry and Conservation 17 (a) Classical chemical analysis The first chemical investigations on the components of historical materials, carried out in the late 18th century, were based on the classical analytical procedures.

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