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By Simon Critchley, William R. Schroeder

ISBN-10: 0631218505

ISBN-13: 9780631218500

With fifty eight unique essays by means of significant specialists, this spouse quantity presents the 1st survey of the entire significant figures of nineteenth- and 20th-century Continental philosophy. every one essay explains and develops the foremost principles of a imperative determine or circulation as they relate to such parts as paintings thought, cultural experiences, social and political idea, psychology, and the sciences. center subject part headings contain: "The Kantian Legacy" (Kant to Hegel). "Overturning the Tradition" (Marx to Bergson). "The Phenomenological Breakthrough" (neo-Kantianism to Heidegger). "Phenomenology, Hegelianism and anti-Hegelianism in France" (Kojève to Blanchot). "Religion with no Limits of Reason" (Rosenzweig to Marcel). "Three Generations of serious Theory"(Benjamin onwards). "Hermeneutics" (Schleiermacher to Ricoeur). "Continental Political Philosophy" (Lukás to Castoriadis). "Structuralism and After" (Lévi-Strauss to Le Doeuff). Key individuals contain Beiser, Pippin, Caputo, Flynn, McCarthy, Laclau, Patton, and Bennington, between others. masking the whole improvement of post-Kantian Continental philosophy, this quantity serves as a necessary reference paintings for philosophers and people engaged within the many disciplines which are integrally regarding Continental and ecu Philosophy.

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To many, such a solution appeared very attractive because it gave a rational foundation for belief, yet avoided the perilous enterprise of metaphysics with all its questionable proofs for the existence of God, providence, immortality, and freedom. In the realm of politics, Kant's philosophy also seemed to provide a powerful defense of the powers of reason. " Reversing the charge of his conservative critics, Kant contended that it was empiricism, not rationalism, that invited the danger of rebellion and anarchy.

Fichte then added two basic criticisms of Reinhold: (1) that the proposition of consciousness could not be the first principle because it expressed a mere fact, which must have arisen from a prior activity; and (2) that the subject is prior to representation because it is responsible for relating and distinguishing itself, the object, and the representation from one another. Fichte resisted Schulze's conclusion, though, that philosophy would have to resign itself to a complete meta-critical scepticism.

Wizenmann, Thomas: Die Resultate der Jacobischen und Mendelssohnischen Philosophie, von einem Freywilligen (Leipzig: Göschen, 1786). < previous page page_34 next page > < previous page page_35 next page > Page 35 2 Kant Robert B. Pippin In the following, I want to suggest two different ways of understanding the relation between Kant's Critique of Judgment and the later German Idealist tradition. Commentators have long noted the point d'appui for any interpretation of this relation: Kant's remarks about an "intuitive intellect" (for him a divine, or creative intellect), and the interpretations of this doctrine offered by SCHELLING (see Article 5) and HEGEL (Article 6).

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