9 melodii ludowych na gitarę (Guitar Scores) - download pdf or read online

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By Witold Lutosławski

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In these terms, then, the question of whether there are musical constraints on musical creativity may be answered in the affirmative: music is music by virtue of the discretising constraints that provide it with limitless scope for creating qualitative novelty by self-diversification through the operation of the particulate principle. With that it becomes possible to make useful categorical distinctions among the various forms of creativity that make use of the possibilities of spectro-temporal space.

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That’s the bisociation to which I referred. Theory of music or theory of creation? In the end the two prove inseparable, partly because theory is itself implicated in the creative process, and partly because we still retain a tradition of hearing music as the work of its creator. But that is only one of any number of ways in which music is heard, which means that the very idea of “the” theory of music is problematic. By replacing “theory” with “theories”, and by broadening our conception of what that term might embrace, we do better justice not only to the range of musics and musical experiences in today’s society, but also to the contingencies of musical creation.

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9 melodii ludowych na gitarę (Guitar Scores) by Witold Lutosławski

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