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Each of the three guns is independently driven in elevation and depression. The three mechanisms do not have mechanical cross-coupling, but their controls are arranged so that they are synchronized to operate together. Alternatively they can be controlled separately. Each elevating gear is a worm, wormwheel, and pinion reduction gear meshed with the elevating arc of the slide and driven by an electric-hydraulic drive. The installed arrangements in the left and right gun pits, as shown in figures 32 and 33 respectively, are typical of all three assemblies.

Each inner and outer projectile ring of each projectile flat has an attached annular rack. This rack is driven by a spur pinion through a worm gear speed reducer and an electric hydraulic power drive. The ring, the power drive, and the controls permit the ring to be driven clockwise or counterclockwise. htm (47 of 82)7/19/2006 16:12:43 CRUISER 8-INCH TURRET - PART 1 Figure 40. Parbuckling Gear Arrangement Upper and Lower Projectile Flats All four power drives are alike, except for their but each controls its ring so that the arc of controls.

Motor coupled to a large reduction gear which These units operate in response to signal inputs to drives a Waterbury A-end pump assembly. The the regulator instrument. htm (34 of 82)7/19/2006 16:12:43 CRUISER 8-INCH TURRET - PART 1 29 Figure 30. Train Receiver-Regulator and Auxiliary Power Unit Turret Arrangement The latter amplifies the signal and ports an panel, the control selector, the handwheels, the train equivalent amount of servo fluid to the stroking indicator, and the sight. The manner in which they cylinder to cause the A-end to deliver an are employed in the different methods of control is equivalent amount of drive fluid to the B-end explained in Chapter 2; their arrangements are as motors.

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