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By Myke Predko

ISBN-10: 0071451420

ISBN-13: 9780071451420

Microchip constantly updates its product line with extra able and cheaper price items. additionally they supply very good improvement instruments. Few books benefit from the entire paintings performed via Microchip. 123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius makes use of the simplest elements, and doesn't turn into depending on one device kind or model, to deal with the widest viewers attainable. construction at the luck of 123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius, in addition to the incredible revenues historical past of Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller, this e-book will mix the layout of the evil genius name with the subsequent of the microcontroller viewers for a sure-fire hit.

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8 Princetonarchitecture Figure f-5 Harvard architecture l , a 3 P I C @I I C U E x p e n i m e n t s f o n t h e E v i l Genius The programfiles loadedfor PIC MCU and other Harvard computersystemsare much simplerthan the filesloadedinto the Pdncetoncomputersystems. For the applicationspresentedin this book,the hex files will consist only of the codeandconfigurationfusesegments. Thereis no needfor definingdifferentareasin the memoryspace. This lastpoint is subtle,but extremelyimportant. This meansthat the locationfor variablesin a Haryard computersystemcan be chosenwith much lessrigor than in a Princetoncomputersystem,and the Harvard applicationcan still be expectedto run.

Next,the 34 contentsof i are the expressionand they are savedin j. Theseare assignment statements,just like the onesin the previousexperiment. Thedifferencebetweenthem is the numberingsystem(radix) usedto expressthe constant4. This is a reviewof the C DataTypesexperimentin which I discussed how usingbasesother than 10makes it harderto immediatelyseewhat is happeningwith the code. In the assignment statementsfollowing the three j x 11 statementqI am applyingthe basicarithmetic operations(addition[+], subtraction[- ], multiplication [*], and divisionUl, alongwith the modulusoperator [%].

AlthoughC is somewhattolerantof assigning differentdatatypes,you shouldalwaystry to make surethat the expression's type is the sameasthe variable's,and if it isn't,make sureyou understandany potentialissues. To avoidthis problem,I tend to declareall variablesasint (16 bit). Whenin doubt,put a semicolon at the end statement;evenif it is unnecessary, the compilerwill treat it asa null stutementand ignoreit. c Stat€ments This Program Demonstrales Statements work in C. l , e 3 P I C @l l C u E x o e r i m e n t s f o r the EviI l,ooh at Assignment how AaEigrment 6enius nJake prealko 0 4 .

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