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By Titu Andreescu

ISBN-10: 0817643346

ISBN-13: 9780817643348

ISBN-10: 0817644326

ISBN-13: 9780817644321

103 Trigonometry Problems includes highly-selected difficulties and ideas utilized in the educational and trying out of the united states foreign Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) crew. although many difficulties may perhaps at the beginning look impenetrable to the amateur, so much will be solved utilizing simply user-friendly highschool arithmetic techniques.

Key features:

* slow development in challenge trouble builds and strengthens mathematical talents and techniques

* simple themes contain trigonometric formulation and identities, their purposes within the geometry of the triangle, trigonometric equations and inequalities, and substitutions related to trigonometric functions

* Problem-solving strategies and methods, besides useful test-taking recommendations, offer in-depth enrichment and guidance for attainable participation in numerous mathematical competitions

* finished advent (first bankruptcy) to trigonometric features, their kin and useful houses, and their functions within the Euclidean airplane and sturdy geometry disclose complex scholars to varsity point material

103 Trigonometry Problems is a cogent problem-solving source for complex highschool scholars, undergraduates, and arithmetic academics engaged in festival training.

Other books through the authors comprise 102 Combinatorial difficulties: From the educational of the united states IMO Team (0-8176-4317-6, 2003) and A route to Combinatorics for Undergraduates: Counting Strategies (0-8176-4288-9, 2004).

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Define their dot product u · v = am + bn. It is easy to check that (i) v · v = m2 + n2 = |v|2 ; that is, the dot product of a vector with itself is the square of the magnitude of v, and v · v ≥ 0 with equality if and only if v = [0, 0]; (ii) u · v = v · u; (iii) u · (v + w) = u · v + u · w, where w is a vector; (iv) (cu) · v = c(u · v), where c is a scalar. If vectors u and v are placed tail to tail at the origin O, let A and B be the heads of u −→ and v, respectively. Then AB = v − u. Let θ denote the angle formed by lines OA and OB.

It is not difficult to see that the magnitude |AC2 | |B2 C2 | 2| of the homothety is |AB |AB| = |AC| = |BC| . Note that square BCE2 D2 is inscribed in triangle AB2 C2 . Hence D and E, the preimages of D2 and E2 , are the two desired vertices of the inscribed square of triangle ABC. 34. Menelaus’s Theorem While Ceva’s theorem concerns the concurrency of lines, Menelaus’s theorem is about the collinearity of points. 35). Then F, G, H are collinear if and only if |AH | |BF | |CG| · · = 1. |H B| |F C| |GA| This is yet another application of the law of sines.

This point is called one of the two Brocard points of triangle ABC; the other satisfies similar relations with the vertices in reverse order. Indeed, if P AB = P CA, then the circumcircle of triangle ACP is tangent to the line AB at A. If S is the center of this circle, then S lies on the perpendicular bisector of segments AC, and the line SA is perpendicular to the line AB. Hence, this center can be constructed easily. Therefore, point P lies on the circle centered at S with radius |SA| (note that this circle is not tangent to line BC unless |BA| = |BC|).

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